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How the Texas Roofing Industry Works

Brandon knows each step from the insurance, roofer and homeowner perspective. He uses this knowledge to benefit the home and the homeowner.

The roof replacement industry in Texas follows a simple formula:

  1. Texas sized hail or wind hits a neighborhood
  2. Homeowners file insurance claims
  3. Roofing Contractors employ every sales tactic they can to secure jobs
  4. Local Material and Labor market get competitive
  5. Roof replacements get completed and money collected 

When you file a claim, Novarum makes sure you get the best roof. We specialize in impact resistant shingles. The best Texas roofer puts the longevity of your roof first.

Our Values


Novarum is Latin for “new” which ties to the new roof installation services we provide. It is also a reference to the 1891 social justice encyclical titled “Rerum Novarum”. In this encyclical, Pope Leo XIII warns against the potential pitfalls of capitalism and encourages equity in economic exchanges. We strive to be the best Texas roofer by practicing equity.

Equity means…

  • we treat homeowners fairly and honestly when we assess their roof needs. We explain our findings and provide professional recommendations without high pressure sales gimmicks.
  • we provide the homeowner with the highest quality roofing system and roofing material. We follow state laws and collect insurance deductibles. We present the option to install impact resistant shingles and have and honest conversation about the cost.
  • we work with your insurance company (when filing a claim is warranted) and are fair to all parties involved. We are fair to the homeowner and considerate of your time and roofing need and we are fair to the insurance company by making honest requests and reasonable demands.
  • we take all necessary precautions to keep the install crew safe during the job, we pay a fair market rate, and we pay on time.
  • we pay material suppliers on time and in full to maintain out business health. This protects homeowners from surprise liens from unpaid vendors!
  • we give back to the community. We strive to be a profitable company so we can fulfill our responsibility to give back the to community who supports us.
photo by Curtis Adams DFW Roofers

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